It's more than just a name...

What if there was a precise map that could tell you about your gifts, your talents, your life lessons, and your soul destiny?

There is a map, and it’s hidden in your name.

Coded into your birth name is the blueprint of your life, a map that will help you make sense of your life and the challenges and gifts you experience. 

Download this Free Handbook - "The Gift in Your Name" and you can start the journey of decoding your name so you can discover more about:

  • The karmic patterns and issues behind your current life
  • Your unique blend of gifts and talents
  • The goals you were designed to achieve
  • Your soul’s underlying mission

Don't Take Our Word For It

"Rachel is an Angel! Was I in for an amazing 'gift' that has shifted and empowered me every day since. I was at a crossroads, an important decision point in my business, and dealing with a number of debilitating roadblocks. But after just one session with her I experienced a massive shift, right from the center of my soul. The world literally opened up and new story began..."


Save A Rescue 
& The Entrepreneur Woman

"Right from the start I was blown away by the revelations and at a loss for words to express the impact. Rachel immediately used the system to tap the core of my make-up so that I could begin to understand, right away, why and how everything tied to my name is expressed in my life."


Radio Personality and Host of "Help, My Mid-life Sucks"

"Rachel, I can't thank you enough and words don't truly express how I feel about you and your incomparable talents and gifts. Today's conversation revealed a newfound clarity and confirmation of things to come that I have been searching for since childhood. Having known you for years, it's such an honor to watch you embrace the essence of your true calling.  
So funny that with the 1,025,109.8 words in the English language there isn't one that I feel appropriately expresses your brilliance."


TV producer and Author

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"Rachel has an innate gift for getting to the heart of what matters to a person. Her ability to connect, understand, and draw out the deeper meaning in the stories playing out in someone’s life is impressive."


Founder: The Peaceful Woman Corp

Rachel is so powerfully tuned to her own inner guidance that she helped me tap into mind in a big way. What is now opening up for me is nothing short of extraordinary."


Relationship coach

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